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Title Jacob B. Click letter, June 27, 1861
Catalog Number 05.3.001
Object Name Letter
Donor Picerno, Nicholas
Scope & Content Civil War soldier's letter dated June 27, 1861. It was written by Jacob B. Click of the "Bridgewater Greys" of the 10th Virginia Infantry Regiment near Winchester (Va.) It is addressed to his love interest, who he address as "Miss." The letter also includes a love poem on the reverse. The verses included by Click are a partial transcription of the poem, "To One I Love" by Nettie Neville.


Head of Opacans (Opequon Creek) June the 27, 1861
Dear Miss,
I seat my self to answer your kind letter that I received a few days a go and was glad to hear from such as kind friend as you and was glad to hear that you was well and all the rest ove the folks I am well and your too brothers are well also and all the rest off the companey are tolible well ecsept Noey Shiflet he is verry sick but I don't know what is to matter with him but I doo hope when these few lines comes to hand that thay will find you injoying good helth and all the rest ove the family I will now indever to tell you somthing a bout hard times we are in Frederick county a bout five miles on this side off Winchester we got where last mondy we left harpers farry and went to Romney a bout 42 too miles from Winchester we had to walk all the way thare and back where we hanvnt eney tents to sleap under we hafto spread our blanket down on the hard grown out in the nite aire and the few fals on us it woldent be much wond iff we wold all get sick we have had som tolable hard times since we left home but mebby we haven't seen enny thing to what we will see yet nearley all harpers farry was burnt up the bridg that cost won millions off dollars and all the armrey howseys wer burnt to ashes I recking it is scarry times with som off the pople I wish that I was at home a few weaks to see all the pretty girls wonst more but thare aint much hops off uss coming homes to stay enney lenth of time I received the cake that you sent to mee and was glag to get the cake as we don't get much good things and it does tast better when it comes from Old rockingham then it does from enney where else and a spesiley from such a sweat girl as you I wish that I was with you next Sonday night I would like to talk to you I cold tell you more iff I was with you then I can right to you a grate deal more then pen an inke can describe I wold like to be up thare at this time to eat som off the chirrys but I don't expect that I will get to eat eney off them direckley all the churreys that we get we will hafto get them down where and I tell you that thay are scarce thare aint more than a bout three churreys a peas fer us all your Cosin Daniel roof and Jhon is down where thay are both well I tell you that Jhon is a hie colt bengiman messick got where day be fore yester day he said that the people wer very dry in rockingham I suppose the girls are very lonsum since the boys have left the boys that are thare I recking they have big times with the girls thay can have too or three a peace well I didn't get to finish my letter where we were the other day and I will try and finish it in Winchester we got where yesterday it seams that since we have got on a scout thay keep us a going from won place to a nuther all the time thay talk a bout taken us to minassis juntion and iff they take us thare a grat meney off them say that we will to to Washington but I don't think thay will take us thare but thare aint know telling where thay will thake us yet I think I have rote a nuff for this time and mebby more then you care a bout reading So I will bring my letter to a close give you my best love to all acquiring friends and ocsept a grater portion for your self tell Cucious that I seid he must excuse mee for not riting to him this time but I will try and rite to him befrore menney days So nuth more at present but remember
Your respectfuley
Pleas don't let eney body see this letter Jacob B Click
Pleas right soon and give me all the news
Tho menney miels a part are we
And when this you see re member mee
direct your letter to Winchester
in care of Curnel Gibbons Bridgwater
grays Jhon S Brown captain

I'm absent from you, darling,
but joy doth fill my heart;
for I'm thinking of the day, darling, when we never more must part.
True, weary days must pass darling,
ere I shall call you mine;
but that faithful love I cherish
shall keep me ever thine

Oh! happy will we be, darling,
in our little cottage home
where hope and joy shall fill our hearts
and changes never come
we'll think upon the happy time-
the happy days of your-
and dream of future joys darling,
as ne'er were ours before

Should trials dark and drear, darling,
your loving heart enslave;
or death's cold arm your spirit bury
through jordon's chilling wave;
thy way would lovely be emma;
yet you wold but go before
and soon wed meet to live and love,
and be parted never more,

Collection Reuel B. Pritchett Museum Collection
People Click, Jacob B.
Subjects Soldiers -- United States -- Letters