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Name Row, W. Harold
Notes W. Harold Row graduated from Bridgewater College (Bridgewater, Va.) in 1933 with a Bachelor of Arts. He showed an early aptitude for service and leadership and was elected to the Bridgewater College Board of Trustees while still a student at the college. Mr. Row served on the Board of Trustees from 1932-1938.
Mr. Row's life was marked by major contributions to the executive work of the Church of the Brethren, ecumenical work and the promotion of peace.
From 1942-1946, he was the director of Civilian Public Service Camps for the Brethren Service Commission. The Civilian Public Service Camps provided conscientious objectors a service alternative to military combat during World War II.
Continuing with his peace advocacy and service work, Mr. Row served as Chairman of the National Service Board for Religious Objectors from 1953-1969. He was active in organizing the International Volunteer Services Agency, a forerunner of the Peace Corps. He also served as Executive Secretary of the Brethren Service Commission.
In 1967, Mr. Row traveled to Russia in order to participate in a fraternal exchange between the Church of the Brethren, USA and the Russian Orthodox Church. While there, he interacted with the noted Metropolitan Nikodim, a Russian Orthodox leader engaged in his own ecumenical works.
Bridgewater College awarded Mr. Row with the Bridgewater College Distinguished Alumnus Award in 1970. He received an Honorary Doctor of Humane Letters degree from Bridgewater College on May 29, 1966.

Associated Records

Image of Reuel B. Pritchett Museum Collection - Row, William and Betty Jo

Reuel B. Pritchett Museum Collection - Row, William and Betty Jo

Three separated metal iconic bands of a triptych nailed to a brown wooden board. Label reads that the triptych is a 16th century Greek icon. Side panels appear to show saints or crusaders. Center appears to show the Madonna or a female saint teaching small figures. Greek inscriptions above figures on each of the three panels. The icon was a gift to W. Harold Row from convicted and reformed killer, Nathan Leopold. The icon was purchased in Greece by Mr. Leopold and presented to Mr. Row in Washington D.C. in 1970.

Image of Reuel B. Pritchett Museum Collection - Eller, Leona Zigler Row

Reuel B. Pritchett Museum Collection - Eller, Leona Zigler Row

Carved wooden box (a). Brown wood. Four rectangular feet. Carved lid (b) has an oblong handle at top. Finished base, Unpolished interior. Flat base of lid is inscribed, "MUNSTERLAGER 25 January 1948. [a signature] Thanks for gifts Rolf Rennecke." The box was given to Harold Row when he led Brethren Volunteer Service in Germany in 1948.

Image of Reuel B. Pritchett Museum Collection - Row, W. Harold

Reuel B. Pritchett Museum Collection - Row, W. Harold

Greek Orthodox Deesis icon painted on wood. Likely Greek or Cretin. 18th or 19th century. Top central image of Christ in Majesty in heaven. Christ is clothed in a blue robe. Saint John the Baptist stands to his left. Saint John's arms are folded across his chest. He wears a camel hair garment, sandles and green robe. The Virgin stands to his right. Her arms are folded at her chest. She wears a blue and green robe with an outer burgendy cowl painted with white stars at the shoulders and forehead. The seated Christ holds a book. Below are images of a saint holding a book, bishop holding a rosary and female martyr carrying a cross. All figures have haloes. Annotated in red at top. Annotated in